Discover the Regional Family


  • All season light truck design
  • Good traction and even wear
  • Excellent for both regional and urban traffic



  • Light regional / long-haul traction design
  • Casing friendly, allows multiple retreading
  • Suitable for 60 series tyres



  • Regional traction design (suited for many tyre sizes)
  • Excellent all-season traction
  • Good wear performance and stability



  • Non-directional winter traction design
  • Superb mileage performance
  • Excellent for mixed winter and dry conditions




  • Regional / intercity bus design
  • Excellent stability, comfort and performance
  • Mini Wing feature for great appearance



  • Long life thanks to its advanced tread design
  • Low rolling resistance to reduce CO2 emissions as a result of advanced rubber compounds
  • Excellent water evacuation provided by its straight grooves design
  • Even tread wear ensured by staggered block elements
  • Flat design adapting easily to various casings widths. 



  • Robust shoulder design, advanced shoulder geometry for maximum protection against abrasion damage. 

  • Excellent mileage performance
  • Proven resistance to irregular wear
  • All-season safety, reliable handling, even in wet and wintery conditions with M+S marking. 

  • Versatile performance, engineered for both regional and highway use, to boost your flexibility. 



  • Long life, thanks to advanced tread technology and high performing compound
  • All-season safety (M+S pattern) with good traction in wet and mild winter conditions
  • Excellent resistance against irregular wear thanks to the application of the Bridgestone technologies


  • Superb mileage through high yield compound and high tread volume.

  • Protecting casing integrity also in most demanding applications.

  • Design based on the popular Bridgestone R168 tyre.

  • Robusts houlder design. Advanced shoulder geometry for maximum protection against abrasion damage.* 


  • High durable trailer pattern designed for challenges of special transportation (low platform trailers and car carriers)
  • Long-lasting performance thanks to advanced pattern design
  • Highly resistant to irregular wear thanks to new shoulder design
  • All season safety (M+S marking) delivering stable, reliable performance even in wet and wintery conditions



  • Boosted wear performance

  • Minimised cost per kilometre

  • Optimised fuel efficiency

  • Year-round safety



  • Top Mileage Performance. 

  • Excellent resistance to irregular wear. 

  • Uncompromised fuel efficiency and versatility. 

  • All year round safety in braking and cornering. 


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