Bridgestone Europe is proud to present its Bandag franchisees. This month, we have the special opportunity to introduce Bandag franchisee Top Treads who can offer to our truck and bus customers a unique range of retread products.

Bridgestone has around 100 franchise partners across Europe to offer quality retread products to its customers.
Among them is G & S Tyres, serving fleet customers in and around the greater London area.

Graham Hooper, Bandag Franchise manager for Bridgestone UK, has been strongly involved in the partnership with G & S Tyres.

“G & S Tyres is one of our major franchisees for Bandag here in the UK, with the partnership dating back over 30 years. 


Stephen Evans, Owner of Top Treads, explains : “Fleets come to Top Treads for the special Bridgestone value proposition of Bandag products and services that we offer.

Price is important, and Bandag retreads through Top Treads allow fleets to retread a tyre at a cheaper cost solution, rather than have to buy new tyres straight away.


Secondly, fleets trust our retread offering : our experts manually inspect every tyre, and then submit the tyre for a detailed shearography scan to identify any internal structural damage, not visible to the naked eye.

Top Treads applies the very latest in production quality techniques and health and safety standards, audited by Bridgestone UK.

“Thirdly, as part of the Bridgestone group, Bandag offers its franchisees a full range of retread sizes, patterns and tread widths that a fleet will ever need.

This is why fleets remain loyal to Bandag.

Whenever Bridgestone creates a new tyre, with improved compounds and greater mileage performance compared to its predecessor, they will produce an associated retread product, so that customers can enjoy the same next-generation benefits across their entire fleet.

And we offer this same choice, even if your casing is originally not a Bridgestone !

It is this approach to retreading that means that we offer our Customers a low cost per kilometer.

We are inviting local fleet managers in the area to contact us to review your tyre needs to see how we can save you money and reduce your vehicle downtime.”


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