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As a global leader in retreading solutions, Bandag combines over 60 years of industry expertise with an uncompromising dedication to safety and reliability.

Think Environment

For 60-years, Bandag’s advanced retreading solution has been helping customers save money by going green and go for sustainability.

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Reducing your tyre costs starts with getting the more out of your tyres' total life. Discover how much you could save by completing the form below. We will compare our total tyre life proposal with the cost of a new tyre-only fitment.




From truckload to off-road, Bandag has you covered with all of your application needs.


R-Drive 002



The early days of retreading have created some false statements about retread quality, safety and performance. It's about time they are put to rest!

You think: Retreads are not safe

Quality new tyres are manufactured to be retreaded. Only thoroughly inspected casings are used for retreading.



You think: Retreads perform less well than new tyres.

Bandag retreads mostly equal and often exceed the mileage performance of comparable premium new tyres.



You think: The rubber pieces you see on the highways always come from retreaded tyres.

The scrap rubber you see is almost always the result of a casing failure, not a retread failure.



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