Reliable precision. Consistent performance.

A Bandag is always a Bandag

The standardized Bandag retreading process is performed by highly trained and experienced entrepreneurs. It’s also audited and continuously controlled by our own pan-European team of Technical Service Engineers. So whether you buy Bandags for your bus in Berlin or for your trailer in Trieste … a Bandag is always a Bandag.

Reliable precision. Consistent performance.

Whether you are buying Bandags for your bus in Berlin or for your trailer in Trieste, you can count on exactly the same product, expertly produced and fitted to the same level of precision, at any of our more than 100 franchisees and more than 2.000 Bridgestone Partners located throughout Europe. Our standardised retreading process, executed by highly trained and experienced entrepreneurs, and continually audited by our own team of technical service engineers ensure that no matter where you are, a Bandag is always a Bandag.

Uniform process

Bandag retreads are produced exclusively by fully certified and continually audited Bandag Franchised Dealers according to the same uniform process.

Engineered system

Every Bandag retread is the result of each dealer’s expert application of the Bandag System, combining patented Bandag treads and cushion gum, proprietary Bandag equipment and Bandag’s highly advanced retreading process.

Expert training & qualification

The Bandag European Education Centre provides state-of-the-art training to operators in the areas of casing analysis and the retread process itself.

Strict quality control

Annual audits by our own in-house technical service engineers, compulsory training and Bandag’s ISO 9000 certification all form part of Bandag’s global Quality Certification System.

Full regulatory compliance

Bandag franchised dealers in the European Union comply with Regulation UN ECE109, which ensures every retread meets the same standards of quality and reliability as those applicable to new tyres.

Comprehensive documentation

Bandag’s extensive Truck Shop Manual documents the entire Exclusive Bandag EMEA Retreading Process in detail, guaranteeing reliable, predictable and consistent process and product quality regionwide.

The Bandag Contract of Trust

At Bandag, we do more than just promise you high standards of quality, safety, value for money and sustainability. We guarantee it in writing! In the form of the Bandag Contract of Trust. Discover more.

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