Every casing is an opportunity. Every Bandag retread is a response.

Think Environment !

For 60-years, Bandag’s advanced retreading solution has been helping customers save money by going green and go for sustainability.

In addition to cutting your tyre cost per km, Bandag also helps you to reduce your ecological footprint, by managing future scarcity of raw materials and ensuring efficient use of key resources. Retreading is one of the oldest examples of circular economy, in that the worn tyre is recovered from becoming waste.

70% Less Oil

Bandag produces quality retreads with just 30% of the oil required to manufacture new tyres.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

It takes Bandag just a fraction of the energy to produce quality retreads in comparison with new tyres, adding up to 80% less CO2 and other carbon emissions.

Recycled & Reused Materials

Thanks to the re-use of all those tyre casings, retreads contain up to 75% recycled and reused material, contributing further to sustainability and circular economy. Premium new tyre casings are made to last a second or even a third life as a retread. Re-using the worn casing as main retread component allows to save up to 70l of oil, up to 32 kgs of rubber and 14 kg of steel*, that would have been used had the worn tyre be replaced by a new tyre.. Worldwide over the course of a year, that adds up very quickly!

*per tyre, for size 315/80R22.5

Important Tyre Waste Reduction

Up to 900 tyres per hour* are retreaded with Bandag worldwide, every day, around the clock. By retreading your valuable casing assets with Bandag, you contribute to reducing the quantity of waste tyres.

*source: Bandag Global figures

Sustainable Production

Bandag’s commitment to the future of our environment and generations is stronger than ever. Every day we continue moving forward with new intiatives to promote sustainable practices and use highly efficient, state-of-the art equipment and processes to cut down on waste and energy consumption at all stages.

Effective Processing

Bandag retreads are processed using pre-vulcanised tread rubber, manufactured in an industrial setting; Pre-cured tyre retreading allows for the retread to be vulcanised at 2/3 of the curing temperature of the conventional hotcap retreading. This ‘cold’ processing requires less energy, and the limited heat stress for this curing process is generally known to have a positive effect on casing durability.It also helps reduce rolling resistance.

Local Partners Close To You

We operate a Europe-wide network of Bandag retreading facilities, bringing retread solutions  to the fleet’s doorstep. Apart from the benefit for fleet of shorter turnaround times, the proximity of a Bandag dealer further saves on transport, which helps the environment. 

These Bandag entrepreneurs are highly specialised and trained to deliver retreads according to the highest quality standards, offering personalised and localised solutions to you.

In building a better retread, Bandag is building a better planet.

In more ways than one, choosing Bandag is choosing a sustainable solution without compromising on quality, durability or performance.

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