Bridgestone Europe is proud to present its Bandag franchisees. Last month, we had the pleasure to present UK Bandag franchisee Top Treads. This month, we feature another leading partner in the UK : Bandag franchisee G & S Tyres.

Bridgestone has around 100 franchise partners across Europe to offer quality retread products to its customers.
Among them is G & S Tyres, serving fleet customers in and around the greater London area.

Graham Hooper, Bandag Franchise manager for Bridgestone UK, has been strongly involved in the partnership with G & S Tyres.

“G & S Tyres is one of our major franchisees for Bandag here in the UK, with the partnership dating back over 30 years. 


G & S operate out of Barking, and pride themselves on operating a full service solution to fleet customers in London and the surrounding area.


It is critical for Bridgestone to have a major partner serving fleet customers in this part of the country.” 


Gary Short is the owner and driving force behind G & S Tyres, he says:


“It is vitally important for us to remain flexible and to find our customers solutions in this market.


Bridgestone and Bandag offer ourselves and the customer real value for money and a cost per kilometer which is difficult to beat.


Bridgestone continues to develop New and Retread products for all sectors of the market, such as the latest FuelTech range of fuel-saving products.


A retread is a great alternative to new tyres in keeping your tyre costs down, without any compromise on safety.


Safety is a key focus for us, we maintain our high retread standards by continually investing in the latest equipment, supported by staff training and strict production standards.


Each casing undergoes a full visual inspection followed by an internal shearography process, which examines the structural integrity of the casing prior to retreading.


A casing which fails either of these checks will be disposed of responsibly. When you opt for a retread, basically, you offer the original tyre a second life.


So, as a fleet customer, not only are you saving money, but you are also helping the environment, as a retread uses on average 70% less rubber and oil than a new tyre.


At G & S Tyres, you will find a wide range of sizes and patterns to suit your needs. We would welcome fleet managers in the local area to contact us.


We will be happy to discuss your tyre and service requirements to see how we can find a solution to help reduce your tyre costs.”


For detailed information on how G & S Tyres can assist you with your truck and bus replacement tyre needs, please click G & S Tyres Location and Contact Information.

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