Retreads can be used on all truck tyre positions, subject to local legislation.

Retreads account for around 1 out 4 of all replacement tyres in European truck tyre market.

Most tyre injuries can be repaired. Bandag dealers put each casing through a rigorous testing and repair process to ensure that the casings satisfy our top-quality standards for retreading. Every Bandag dealer is trained, qualified and certified by Bandag to do this.

What makes us a leader are our 60 years of experience in developing and producing high quality tread products and retreading equipment and refining our proprietary retreading process. We are also the highest selling retread solution provider in the world. While we are retreaders at heart, we also leverage the knowledge and innovation of the world's largest tyre and rubber company - Bridgestone. Our dealer network is an integral part of our retread solution and one of the most important factors - with more than 100 locations in Europe.

FuelTech® stands for a category of high-performing and more fuel-efficient Bandag retreads. The current line-up is based on the successful Bridgestone M749 Ecopia and R109 Ecopia designs. They are characterised by a low rolling resistance compound, without compromising on life, durability and wet-weather performance.

The Bandag Contract of Trust is a program created to prove to Fleets that choosing Bandag is the “Smart Choice”. Together with Bandag, the Bandag franchisees and Bridgestone partners guarantee 3 important things (see below), removing any remaining doubt a Fleet may have about testing Bandag retreads. A real life test is agreed and the performance of the Bandag products versus its competitors is monitored using the Bridgestone Toolbox.

1. Bandag retreads are just as reliable as new premium tyres.
2. A lower tyre cost per km with Bandag retreads than with the tyres the fleet currently uses.
3. Bridgestone and Firestone first-life casings are 100% retreadable by Bandag.

On top of the three guarantees, The Bandag Contract of Trust wants to raise awareness on an additional benefit: “Retreads are greener than new tyres”. We consider this as a “bonus” to the three guarantees. For more information about the Contract of Trust, please visit: www.bandagcontractoftrust.eu.

BASys stands for Bandag Systems. A global technology platform that collects and turns tyre data into insights to create customized tyre programs that improve productivity and profitability for fleets and the Bandag dealers that serve them.

BASys is an end-to-end solution to manage the entire lifecycle of a retread tyre and support every step in the process, from collecting a casing, inspecting it, the retread production, the warehousing, to delivery of the finished product back to the customer. BASys consists of 3 main applications:

1. The BASys Casing collection app, which records data of the casings collected from the fleets or tyre dealers.
2. The BASys Manufacturing App allows the Bandag franchise dealer to follow the casings through each retread production stage, allowing optimized management of production quality and cost efficiency.
3. Thirdly, the BASys Back Office App gives fleet customers full visibility with actionable reporting.

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