The integrated casing management tool.

Track your assets with BASys

Your tyres and tyre casings represent a highly valuable asset within your company. Which is why Bandag has developed BASys, a series of highly advanced software-based tools which help you track, manage and utilise those assets to full advantage. The BASys platform contains several integrated apps, offering a full end-to-end solution to manage your casings more efficiently and ultimately reduce your tyre-related costs.

End-to-End Solution

BASys integrates the Bandag retread solution within Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Care/Maintain programme, helping both Bridgestone and Bandag fleet customers reduce their total tyre costs with maximum transparency.

Full tracking and casing management

A unique barcode assigned to every casing lets BASys track every step of its service life.

Online collection requests

A web portal even lets you request a collection of your casings automatically, when your casings are ready for retreading.

Full process visibility

From monitoring to the collection of your casings to the delivery of your expertly fitted retreads, BASys offers you full online visibility into how your casing assets are managed. So you can take better decisions and implement more cost-efficient tyre and retread policies.

Powerful online reporting

Generate instant reports on anything from casing acceptance rates and average repair rates to total casing cycles, etc. To help optimise your tyre-related costs over their entire lifecycle.

Intuitive interface

BASys features a user-friendly touch screen interface with integrated barcode scanner. BASys casing management apps are available for Windows 10 and Google Android (5.0 and above) in all European countries.

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