Identifying with your fleet.

Total Tyre Care

Every fleet is unique. At Bridgestone we identify with your fleet and develop customized tyre management solutions respecting the uniqueness that drives the success of your company. Our commitment is to reduce your total tyre budget without any compromise to safety. We also compliment your strategic objectives in terms of satisfying your customers, eco-friendliness and lightening your administration and management costs.

Bridgestone Total Tyre Care solutions are built around 3 main activities: MONITOR, MAINTAIN and MANAGE. 


Tyres have a major influence on your operating costs. By assessing the actual condition of your tyres, we work with you to improve your tyre maintenance continuously, identifying the best products and services for your fleet operation. As part of the MONITOR activities Bridgestone Tyre Consultants:

  • Establish a detailed profile of your fleet and its specific requirements
  • Perform periodic sample tyre inspections which result in clear and user-friendly reporting
  • Identify potential savings areas and recommend improvements

Toolbox is an integrated tyre inspection and monitoring system that combines easy multi-device inputs with limitless reporting. The system is used by all Bridgestone Tyre Consultants and is also available to fleets customers under specific conditions.


Bridgestone’s MAINTAIN program will positively influence your tyre cost per kilometer, vehicle uptime level, fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness.
In collaboration with your technical management, Bridgestone Tyre Consultants develop ideal tyre and maintenance policies for each individual vehicle type and application. Our FLEETBRIDGE transmits these policies to all involved service and retread partners, anywhere across Europe.

Bridgestone Partner
2100 Bridgestone Partners maintaining your vehicles according to defined policies and to the highest quality standards.

Service Europe
When a tyre breakdown on the road occurs, Service Europe is always there to help you in your local language anywhere in Europe, 24/7. Minimal vehicle downtime, efficient follow-up and transparent pricing all help to reduce your risk.

Retreading saves money and reduces waste. With BASys casing management, fleets are able to track their valuable assets online to achieve maximum return.

100+ Bandag retread specialists that take care of your casing assets and multiply the life of your tyres. Bandag is the world’s most trusted retread solution by Bridgestone and is represented in all European countries.

With Tirematics we go a step further with pro-active tyre maintenance through an automated inspection system. It connects your tyres with the responsible maintenance provider, which allows him to take measures before real problems arise. Tirematics is a practical, fleet oriented, solution with great impact on tyre performance, fuel economy and breakdown prevention.


Outsourcing your tyre and maintenance requirements to Bridgestone ensures maximum value extraction coupled with predictable pricing solutions and minimal administrative burden. Whether a single site or Pan-European organization, our tailor-made policies are applied to all of your vehicles anywhere, fully visible and controllable through powerful online reporting.

For whatever administrative size or complexity involved, our specialist field and back-office staff are supported by the most advanced fleet management systems that make it all truly controllable. The new FLEETBRIDGE by Bridgestone automates the tailor made workflows between fleets, Bridgestone Partners and Bridgestone’s fleet administration.

All the information you need, always available. From high level dashboards to historic details by vehicle – INSIGHTS by Bridgestone provides you full transparency on the performance and related cost of your contract, whether by depot or consolidated for the entire fleet.

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